Itinerary Overview

Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, Aman has enjoyed an organic evolution for over three decades to become one of the world’s most intuitive and pioneering resort, hotel and residence brands. Perfect for those seeking a soulful retreat, the Aman Experience in Sri Lanka is a unique sojourn one can opt for.

Skeleton Itinerary:

01Day 1: Arrival in Enchanting GalleUpon your arrival in Colombo, your personal driver will whisk you away to the captivating city of Galle.

02Day 2: Exploring Galle's CharmsImmerse yourself in the afternoon splendor of Galle Fort, a historic gem.Galle Fort, an architectural marvel in Sri Lanka, exudes historic charm with its cobblestone streets, Dutch colonial buildings, and iconic lighthouse. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it encapsulates centuries of cultural fusion, offering a glimpse into the island's past as well as vibrant shops, cafes, and a vibrant atmosphere.

03Day 3: Leisurely Galle DaysEmbrace the leisure of Galle, embracing relaxation and personal exploration. Explore boutique shops, stroll along the historic ramparts, savor coastal cuisine, and unwind on beautiful beaches, immersing in the town's laid-back ambiance and cultural richness.

04Day 4: Journey to Tranquil TangalleEmbark on a picturesque drive to Tangalle and check in at the serene Amanwella.Tangalle, a coastal paradise in Sri Lanka, boasts pristine beaches, swaying palms, and tranquil waters. It's an idyllic escape for relaxation and seaside serenity.

05Day 5-7: Unwind in TangalleRelish the tranquility of Tangalle during these leisure-filled days. Bask on untouched beaches, indulge in water sports, and relish seafood delights. You may choose to explore Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project, visit Mulkirigala Rock Temple, or simply unwind at Amanwella's pool or spa, immersing in the serene coastal beauty that Tangalle offers for a perfect relaxation getaway.

06Day 8: Farewell to Sri LankaConclude your journey with a transfer to Colombo, where your departure awaits.

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