Why Orange?

Orange is:

A perfect balance between red’s fiery energy and yellow’s warm happiness. Exuberant, Orange instils a sense of enthusiasm and a powerful zest for life. It’s creativity stimulates out of the box thinking, and a fascination with all things unusual and curious. Determined and focussed, it defines our success and our philosophy in life.

Our Mantra:

Happiness is our mantra. It’s a state of wellbeing we cultivate to inspire us each day. A happy mind is a healthy mind – always seeking something new, yearning to learn something more, a wandering mind to match our wayfarer spirit.

Our Karma:

We do what we love, and we love what we do. We believe that what goes around, comes around. We infuse ourjoie de vivreinto the spirit of every trip, and have happy clients who keep coming back for more…


Manan – The Go Getter

Maximum impact is Manan’s basis for travel (and life!) An avid go-getter, he has an eye for detail and sensory experiences that leave you awestruck. His natural finesse for planning and an innate sense of fun, is what gets him going each morning. India is his inspiration. When not charting the course for the next client, he is a family guy, a foodie and a passionate motorcyclist – always ready to hit the road for the next adventure.

Manish – The Zen Buddha

The final destination may be the prize, but the journey is gold! Manish is a firm believer of this philosophy. His combination of patience and business acumen helps raise the bar with each new exciting venture that Orange undertakes. A calm oasis in the midst of a whirlwind, his Zen mindedness helps guide the teams and sharpen the needle of detail. Born and raised in Delhi, he has in depth knowledge of the pulse points that make India the exotic destination that it is. When he takes time off from business he can be found refining his cricket skills. He also loves to travel with his big Indian family to unique destinations and spend time narrating ghost stories, under a the blanket of stars.

Ravinder – Intrepid Adventurer

When he’s not in the office, Ravinder is usually headed off the beaten path in the pursuit of an adventure. Chances are you’ll catch him cycling or hiking through the Himalayas, or paddling madly on a river-raft down the Ganges. His deep knowledge and deeper soul, makes him one of the most dependable and loved people on the team. His courage and cool demeanour under pressure, particularly during the Nepal earthquake, made him a valuable life-saver on the ground. A mountain man at heart, he’s also a passionate photographer and loves to capture India at it’s best.
The most dependable and loved people on the team. His courage and cool demeanour under pressure, particularly during the Nepal earthquake, made him a valuable life-saver on the ground. A mountain man at heart, he’s also a passionate photographer and loves to capture India at its best.

Divya – The Shopaholic

Calm and charm define Divya. She is a powerhouse of resilience and determination, never taking no for an answer. Widely traveled herself, Divya draws on a wealth of experience. When she’s not at work she’s either at home with her family or can be found shopping for her personal “best kept secret” finds in India’s bazaars and boutiques.

Ishveen – No Filter

Ishveen is a straight-talker and sharp-shooter who likes to live life to the max. She gets straight to the point and the heart of the matter. Her depth of experience and clarity of vision are the perfect combination to create a journey that’s spot on. Her favourite sport is multi-tasking and she lives to work hard, and play even harder.

Puneet - The Calm One

Puneet’s cool attitude makes him believe in what he does. It is because of his traits that he has been successful more often than not. He is keen to take on responsibilities and with his knowledge of the industry he is able to cater to the requests of our clients and provide seamless solutions for all their needs. He loves to travel with his family, especially to the Himalayan region.

Jeetendra - The Number Cruncher

Jeetendra began his accounting career when he went to university to get an MBA in Finance. He then worked in accounting and auditing in the travel industry for several years, crunching the numbers and working hard to optimize the value of every itinerary. After fine-tuning his skills with figures, he joined the Orange team as Finance Manager in 2014, putting his skill with numbers to bring our clients maximum value on every trip.

Priyanka - The Spirited Adventurer

Priyanka is truly a spice girl, full of charm, energy, and cheerfulness. Her "Go for it" spirit is at the heart of her personality and consistently brings out the best in her. As a Customer Success Manager, she excels in anticipating customer challenges and questions, going above and beyond to proactively provide solutions and answers.
Travel holds a special place in Priyanka's heart, signifying much more than just a simple journey. To her, travel is synonymous with freedom. It grants her the ability to do as she pleases and fills her days with excitement and opportunities enriching her life with meaningful experiences.

Sahil Sharma

Meet Sahil Sharma, a meticulous and detail-oriented Travel Designer hailing from the serene landscapes of Shimla. Armed with a Master's degree in Tourism, Sahil embodies a profound passion for exploration and discovery. His insatiable curiosity fuels his desire to uncover hidden gems in every destination he encounters. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Sahil meticulously crafts unforgettable travel experiences for all his clients. From conceptualizing bespoke itineraries to ensuring seamless execution, Sahil's dedication shines through in every aspect of his work.

Strategic Partners


Over the years, we have expanded internationally into various new markets. As a step in the same direction, we are pleased to announce that we are now in a Strategic Partnership with The Travel Collection. Our primary goal is to strengthen our collaboration and ensure that we all stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of our industry.

Representing some of the highest regarded brands from across the globe, including destination management companies (DMCs), destinations, luxury hotels, lifestyle and other travel-related brands, TTC specialises in the MICE segment as well as in the luxury tourism and lifestyle sector.

Strategic Partners

intrnational footprint


Oksana is the face of Orange DMC in Russia. Having travelled the world she is one of the happy few who have converted their passion into a career. With over fifteen years of industry experience Oksana is an authority on Russian outbound travel to Indian sub-continent. Having dealt with giant multinational corporations, she also has firsthand exposure to destination marketing, public relations, contracting, product development and sales. While her family remains her number one choice, she also enjoys cycling, skiing and experimenting with new cuisines as her hobby.


When One Embarks on a Journey... Our country manager in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Javier always has something to tell! Always intrigued by tourism, he started his career in the industry as an intern back in 1981. With a plethora of experience working various roles within the field, from leisure travel advisor to key account manager for business travel, to head of business travel, marketing services manager, retail manager, and head of communications, advertising, events and promotion - Javier surely is a full package!


Heli is from Finland and like most of us is extremely passionate about travel. She is pursing a degree in International Sales and Marketing which compliments her knowledge in the field. As a person she is open, talkative and persistent . Her passion for travelling has also created an interest in languages as she currently speaks Finnish, Swedish, English and Kurdish.


Born in Stockholm and raised between Barcelona and Malmoe, it was only natural that Joanna ended up in Paris in 2011, where she lives and works but is often on the move. She has worked with incentive travel and the MICE segment for a long time, both in the Nordic countries and also from Spain and France. As a person, she is usually considered sensitive, calm and curious. She is passionate about travel and discovering new cultures, drinks and food.


Ragne is our presence and representative in the Northern European and Baltic region. After having enjoyed an exciting career in marketing for over a decade, Ragne was keen to spread her travel wings. Currently at Orange she has realized that the only way to be blissful in life is by combining her passion for travel with work and get paid for what she loves to do. When not working you will find Ragne making plans for her next wanderlust​;​ with nature, wildlife and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Ragne found her love for Asia at the age of 26 yrs and believes that even a single trip to the Indian sub-continent throws up experiences and adventures that is once in a life time and if lucky, can be life changing.


Raquel is a vibrant, dynamic, and committed spirit, constantly pursuing self-improvement. With an academic background from the prestigious Glion Hotel School in Switzerland, Raquel found her passion in the exciting world of hospitality and event organisation. Her remarkable career has allowed her to be a key player in the sales departments of renowned hotel chains nationally and internationally. From Hilton to Meliá Hotels International, Jumeirah and Puro Group, to Westin Valencia and SERAWA Hotels, Raquel has positively impacted each of them, establishing herself as an undisputed specialist in the MICE sector. We are delighted to have her as our international representative!


Akhil is the face of Orange DMC in Canada. Travelling the world since he was a little kid to over 23 countries, sparked a life long passion for travel and tourism. Having a strong academic & professional background in business Finance & investment banking , Akhil is now pursuing his love of travel and helping those to experience the same joy. He is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu making him a key ally in exploring all that India and surrounding countries have to offer. He is always avuncular & benevolent . Outside of work, family and friends keep him busy including continuously exploring travel, new restaurants and community events.


A recognised expert in sales, projects, and marketing in the tourism sector, Anibal is our representative in Spain and Portugal. Over the last three decades, he has worked in leading companies in different sectors, such as Turkish Airlines, Viajes El Corte Inglés, American Express and Corinthia Hotels. In January 2019 he launched his own project, World & Beyond, with the aim of focusing all his knowledge and experience on the commitment to offer his clients exclusive products and services.


Adrian Dietrich Bartsch, a renowned name in the travel industry, is our representative in Germany. As the successor of RDB Reisen, Adrian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Having grown up accompanying RDB's travel groups since childhood, he offers unparalleled expertise and support for numerous travel destinations, drawing from his firsthand experiences in over 30 destinations. Born in 1995 in North Rhine-Westphalia, Adrian boasts Indian roots on his mother's side, making the Indian subcontinent one of his core competencies. His cultural background and extensive travels equip him with a deep understanding of the region, ensuring exceptional service and insight for travelers seeking to explore India and beyond. In addition to his expertise in travel destinations, he specializes in developing professional programs abroad, facilitating the exchange of thoughts and opinions with foreign colleagues of our clients. His commitment to fostering meaningful connections and enriching experiences sets him apart as a valuable asset in the travel industry.

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