Itinerary Overview

Embark on a captivating journey through Myanmar's rich culture and history, uncovering the gems of Bagan, Inle Lake, and the lesser-explored ancient Mrauk U Kingdom. This comprehensive tour blends iconic sights with off-the-beaten-path adventures, concluding with well-deserved relaxation on Ngapali's pristine beaches.

Skeleton Itinerary:

01DAY 1: ARRIVAL IN YANGON - IMMERSIVE CITY EXPLORATIONUpon landing at Yangon Airport, our dedicatedrepresentative will extend a warm welcome and escort you to your hotel. Embark on an afternoon exploration of Yangon's colonial-style city center. The day culminates with a visit to the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda, an awe-inspiring bell dome monument that graces the city's skyline.

02DAY 2: EXPLORE BAGAN’S ANCIENT KINGDOMS - TEMPLE TREASURE HUNTEmbark on a mystical voyage as we jet off to Bagan after a hearty breakfast. A short flight from Yangon transports us to the realm of Nyaung U, commonly known as Bagan, where the legacy of the Ancient Kingdoms awaits. Prepare to be mesmerized by Bagan's wonders as we venture through its storied history. Our itinerary adapts to your desires, ensuring you experience all the city's highlights. As the sun's golden hues kiss the horizon, you have the option to capture stunning photographs of this Southeast Asian archaeological gem as daylight gracefully fades (subject to weather conditions).

03DAY 3: MANDALAY DISCOVERY - GOLDEN CITY GEMSFly to Mandalay from Bagan, followed by a brief 1-hour drive. Begin with a morning exploration of lively Zegyo Market, immersing in authentic Mandalay life. Visit the Artisan Quarters, home to ancient crafts dating back to Myanmar's last kingdom. Explore Mandalay's highlights: the revered Mahamuni Pagoda with its gold-covered Buddha, the historic Golden Palace Monastery, and the Kuthodaw Pagoda, housing Buddha's teachings etched on stone slabs. End the day with a sunset panorama atop Mandalay Hill, the city's highest point.

04DAY 4: ROYAL CAPITALS DISCOVERYPost-hotel breakfast, venture to Myanmar's Ancient Kingdoms near Mandalay. Drive 15km to Ava (Inwa), a former capital for centuries. Continue to Sagaing, an ancient capital on the Ayeyarwaddy's banks. From Sagaing Hills, enjoy vistas of pagoda-studded landscapes and visit a monastery to learn about Buddhism.Visit Amarapura, known for weaving. Observe longyi and fabric-making at a cottage industry workshop. Conclude at Ubein Bridge, a teak marvel across Taungtaman Lake, where the sunset silhouette creates a magical, photographic scene.

05DAY 5: UNVEILING INLE LAKEAfter breakfast, catch a flight to Heho, nestled in the serene Shan State hills. Wander the vibrant Heho Market, a melting pot of local cultures trading crafts and produce.Embark on a scenic drive to Inle Lake, admiring Shan mountains and rice fields. Explore the acclaimed Red Mountain Estate vineyard, sampling premier wines and uncovering cellar secrets.Check in at your hotel before venturing to Inle Lake's floating islands and gardens, nurtured by the indigenous Inn Thar people who showcase their unique one-legged rowing technique while fishing. Immerse yourself in this serene water world, a hallmark of Myanmar's charm.

06DAY 6: INN THEIN ADVENTURE & PAGODAAfter breakfast, set off by boat, tracing a gentle river to the mystical Inn Thein Pagoda Complex. This hidden treasure, nestled in bamboo groves, boasts pagodas that whisper tales from over a millennium ago.Return to the lake to visit the revered Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda, adorned with gold-leaf-clad Buddha statues. Witness the art of silk, linen, and lotus fabric weaving at Inpawkhon Village.As the sun descends, embrace a serene sunset canoe ride, guided by skilled local boatmen who row elegantly on one leg, epitomising Inle Lake's enchantment.

07DAY 7: FAREWELL TO INLE LAKE, JOURNEY TO YANGONThe morning unfolds leisurely, offering a choice between a tranquil exploration of nearby villages, witnessing authentic village life, or a visit to Nyaung Shwe town to peruse local handicrafts and discover its quaint charm. Later, we depart for Heho Airport, boarding our connecting flight to Yangon. The remainder of the day in Yangon is yours to relish at your own pace, embracing the city's offerings.

08DAY 8: SITTWE UNVEILED: CULTURE AND COASTBegin your day with a hotel pickup in Yangon, followed by a flight to Sittwe. Upon afternoon arrival, Sittwe's historical significance as a former colonial seaside capital comes to life where the Kaledan and Lemro Rivers converge with the Bay of Bengal.

Following a leisurely lunch at a local eatery, our exploration unveils Sittwe's highlights. Immerse in the rich history of the Rakhine civilisation at the Cultural Museum, visit a graceful Buddhist Nunnery, and experience the vibrant Local Fish Market, showcasing the sea's bounty.Journey to the confluence of Keledan River and Bay of Bengal, strolling along its serene black sand beaches, basking in the sunset's embrace.

09DAY 9: TEMPLE TREASURES OF MRAUK UAfter an early breakfast, venture to Sittwe jetty for a captivating boat journey to Mrauk U. Cruising 70 km upstream along the Kaledan River, pass through farming regions and riverside communities. Enjoy simple packed lunches onboard after which transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon, embark on a voyage to the remnants of the Arakan Kingdom in Mrauk U, an ancient seaport at the crossroads of East-West trade routes.With its 700 temple ruins, Mrauk U unveils a cultural heritage. Visit the fortress-like Shite Thaung Temple, housing 84,000 Buddhas and inspired by Indonesia's Borobudur.

10DAY 10: UNVEILING MRAUK U’S CHARMSAfter breakfast, explore the heart of Mrauk U at the local market, capturing authentic Rakhine life after which visit the Wethali ruins. At Great Wethali Payagyi, witness the 17ft-high seated Buddha, a masterpiece carved from a single sandstone slab, surrounded by charming villages and fields.Lunch back in Mrauk U is followed by an afternoon visit to the tranquil Pharaouk Temple, featuring a solid stupa adorned with 29 life-sized Buddha statues.Weather permitting, ascend Shwegudaung Paya, Mrauk U's highest pagoda, for panoramic views of temples shimmering under the sunset's glow.

11DAY 11: JOURNEY TO NGAPALI’S SERENITYStart the day with an early breakfast before embarking on a boat ride to Sittwe. Along the way, there's a chance to visit an Mro ethnic minority village, celebrated for their intricate Khami traditional dress woven by skilled artisans. Enjoy a boat lunch during the journey.Upon reaching Sittwe, catch an afternoon flight to Thandwe whereupon arrival at Thandwe airport, a seamless transfer awaits, whisking you to the tranquil shores of Ngapali Beach.

12DAY 12: SERENE NGAPALI BLISSStart your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel. The rest of the day is dedicated to indulging in the unspoiled beauty of Ngapali Beach. For those seeking adventure, explore the vibrant local market in Thandwe (Sandoway), pedal along the coastline to charming villages, or embark on a boat excursion for fishing or sailing against the backdrop of the scenic Rakhine hills.

12DAY 13: FAREWELL NGAPALI, HELLO YANGONRelish a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel. Enjoy your free time at leisure, soaking up the idyllic vibes of Ngapali Beach. Later, you'll be transferred to Thandwe airport for your flight to Yangon. As you arrive at Yangon domestic airport, our representative will be there to welcome you. You'll then be transferred to your hotel in Yangon or connected for your departure from the new international airport.

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