Itinerary Overview

The Deccan Plateau comprises the southern half of the peninsula. Though covering a vast number of places, one of the most popular ones happens to be the state of Karnataka, which is covered in this itinerary. Providing a taste of the urban lifestyle of India's silicone city to the wilderness of the plateau, we have tried to ensure that this itinerary gives you a wholesome experience of the destination!

Skeleton Itinerary:

01DAY 1: Mumbai's Vibrant PreludeUpon your arrival in Mumbai, the gateway to your peninsula adventure, our attentive representative will welcome you at the airport. Immerse yourself in the city's dynamic rhythm and check in at your hotel. While Mumbai resides just outside the peninsular plateau, it offers a captivating prologue to your journey. Known as the 'city of dreams,' Mumbai pulsates ceaselessly, its heartbeat echoing through its bustling streets, 24 hours a day. Customisable activities beckon, catering to every traveler's preferences. Spend the afternoon acclimatising and exploring your accommodation, followed by a spirited Bollywood dance session to ignite your inner enthusiast.

02DAY 2: Exploring Mumbai's Multifaceted CharmsBegin the day with a hearty breakfast at your hotel. Prepare for an eye-opening encounter with Dharavi, Southeast India's largest slum, unveiling its unique tapestry of life. The afternoon unveils a guided city tour, leading you through the iconic landmarks that define Mumbai's character.

03DAY 3: Journey to Bangalore's Urban PulseAfter checking out from your Mumbai hotel, catch a flight to Bangalore. Upon arrival in Karnataka's vibrant capital, settle into your hotel. Embark on a guided city tour, discovering Bangalore's cosmopolitan allure. The evening holds the promise of urban nightlife experiences, embracing the city's modern vitality.

04DAY 4: Mysore's Royal AllureEmbark on a scenic drive to Mysore, a city adorned with spice, silk, and sandalwood, resonating with the echoes of royalty from eras past. Engage in an immersive guided city tour, wandering through the city's historic palaces, each an eloquent storyteller in itself. Savor the local culinary delights to truly taste the essence of the Deccan traditions.

05DAY 5: Leisure and ReflectionRelish a leisurely morning and afternoon, allowing you to embrace the tranquility of Mysore at your own pace.

06DAY 6: Exploring the Wilderness of NagarholeEmbark on a drive to Nagarhole, a forested haven that offers an immersive encounter with the peninsula's unique wildlife. The Kabini river meanders through this area, now the Nagarhole National Park, once the hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Mysore. Your evening will be graced by a thrilling jeep safari, allowing you to connect with nature in its raw splendor.

07DAY 7: River and Wilderness SafariThe morning unfolds with a captivating boat safari along the Kabini riverbanks, unveiling the wilderness from a new perspective. The afternoon invites a taste of adventure—kayaking on the Kabini river, infusing your journey with an adrenaline rush.

08DAY 8: Coorg's Verdant CharmsVenture northwest to Coorg, where the captivating town of Madikeri awaits. This small heart of Karnataka's Coorg District offers an array of experiences. Enveloped in lush landscapes, the allure of Coorg's coffee trails beckons. Engage in exploration and discovery, delving into the region's coffee cultivation heritage.

09DAY 9: Spiritual Sojourn and FarewellBegin the day with a nourishing breakfast at your hotel before setting forth to the Namdroling Monastery, a spiritual masterpiece outside Tibet. Embrace the serenity and cultural richness before embarking on a drive back to Bangalore, where your journey began, to board your flight.

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