“There are some parts of the world that, once visited, get into your heart and won’t go. For me, India is such a place.”
– Keith Bellows, National Geographic Society

India is not a place – it’s an emotion. Dynamic, dramatic and deep – it’s a constantly shifting landscape, a pulse that never stops. Sensational yet subtle, chaotic yet calm, India is constantly being reborn.

India is…

Living history– From monasteries to palaces, forts to citadels, several of it’s ancient monuments continue to be habitats of humanity even today.

The living planet– From the oldest mountain ranges in the world, to some of the oldest surviving species on the planet, it’s nature at it’s best.

Living heritage– From Kathak to Sufi, Baul to Bollywood, her arts and crafts continue to be inspired by ancient myth and legend.

Living healing– Ayurveda, Unnani, Yoga, Siddha - her nutrition and wellness traditions are among the oldest in the world and continue to offer a renewed sense of wellbeing to all those who cultivate it.

Where nature and nurture collide - India is a window to the soul.

India culture

Cultural Kaleidoscope

In India, culture is intrinsic to everyday life. You may be staying in the home of an erstwhile royal family, discussing contemporary Indian art with an avant-garde artist, shopping with a local designer, or learning more about animism from the head of a remote tribe, discovering intricate weaving techniques from a third-generation artisan, or strumming your first sitar with a musical maestro.

india culinary

Culinary Curiosity

There is no single “Indian” cuisine. Food is a culture amalgamated across a variety of regions, places and people who have infused the cuisine with distinct flavours to make it their own. Succulent kebabs on the grill in Lucknow to delicately spiced mustard greens in Punjab, a meaty Pandhi Curry from Coorg or a perfectly crisp Bombay Duck (where else but Mumbai?)… but cuisine is a window to the culture, the geography and even a community. It’s not just about what’s on your plate but how it’s cooked and how it should be eaten! Nutritional science is intrinsic to India’s holistic medicine such as Siddha, Unani, Yoga and Ayurveda. Eating for your dosha (body type) is an age-old concept in our part of the world.

india wildlife

Wildlife Wanderlust

India is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world! The sheer extent of wildlife that coexists is mind-boggling. In fact, the sheer variety of felines alone will take your breath away. Tigers, lions, leopards, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and several species of smaller cats call India home. It has the largest Asiatic Elephant population in the world, and it’s an absolute haven for birding. The migratory bird population rivals the resident one, and India’s wetlands are some of the best birding hotspots in the world.

india festival

Festive Fever

Celebration is just one more thread in the fabric of India. You can’t get away from the festivities that occur every single month across the nation. Every part of the country has it’s festive traditions and cultural events and you only have to ask us what’s on the agenda when you visit.

india spiritual

Spiritual Salvation

India is like an eternal spring of religious belief and spirituality. The origin of several major religions, both ancient and modern, it is also the birthplace of spiritual and social leadership that has shaken the world. The beauty of India is that it embraces them all.

india solo

Slow or Solo…

One experiences India at it’s best when you simply allow it to seep into your soul. It is the ideal destination for slow travel – meandering from place to place, stopping in small villages, visiting local tribes, discovering the beauty of nature and the civilisation that surrounds it. It is the luxury of experience at it’s finest.

India luxury

Lap of Luxury

Every once in a while it’s important to take time out and pamper yourself. It’s important to celebrate the best moments of your life and what better way to do so than with a trip to India? Stay in suites that were once the bedchambers of Maharajas. Feast on secret recipes from the Nizam’s kitchens. Luxuriate in spa treatments that were once reserved only for princesses. Make that perfect proposal on a private island to your partner with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life. If you want to live life at it’s fullest – there’s no better place.

India special

Special Interest Groups

We believe that “luxury is in the experience”. We love to travel in style, but are not afraid to step off the regular routes in order to experience something more rewarding. From sports to religions, cultural festivities to art & architecture, we specialise in crafting tailor-made holidays that are ideally suited to your interests.

India country

Country-Hopping Trips

Are you culture curious? Fascinated by the various facets of the Indian Subcontinent? With Orange DMC, you can opt to explore multiple countries in South Asia. Combine a trip to South India with a visit to Sri Lanka. Discover mystical mountain kingdoms in Nepal, Bhutan and the North East of India. From wildlife to history, cuisine to wellness, festivals to shopping. Explore the length and breadth of the subcontinent in its entirety. The possibilities are infinite. All you have to do is ask.