Itinerary Overview

Civilisations as we know them started on the banks of rivers. They provided an ample supply of water along with fertile lands to make a livelihood out of. The Riverside Escape experience allows our travellers to trace the historical legacies of these civilisations along with the cultural impacts they continue to have in today’s world while trailing the majestic Gangetic plains. This carefully curated itinerary is a perfect timeless choice!

Skeleton Itinerary:

01DAY 1: Arrival in Varanasi, the Spiritual HavenAs you arrive at Varanasi, where the confluence of two sacred tributaries of the Ganges beckons, our warm representative will greet you at the airport. You'll be gracefully escorted to your hotel, allowing you to settle in and unwind. The afternoon unfolds leisurely, offering you a moment of reprieve. In the evening, venture into the heart of the holy city, where riverside rituals paint a mesmerizing tapestry of traditions.

02DAY 2: A Day of ExplorationGreet the day with a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel before embarking on a guided exploration of Varanasi's enigmatic streets. The journey extends to the Sarnath ruins and its insightful museum. Alternatively, you can choose to partake in an enriching cultural night, graced by the artistry of professional dancers.

03DAY 3: Journey to Khajuraho's Enigmatic TemplesEn route to Khajuraho, pay a visit to the Mall Haveli, a blend of heritage and modernity. As you reach your hotel, anticipate an enchanting evening illuminated by the sound and light show at the Khajuraho temples, infusing their ancient stones with vibrant stories. The day concludes with a delightful dinner and a peaceful overnight stay.

04DAY 4: Unveiling the Allure of PannaToday, set forth to explore Panna, known as the city of diamonds. Its regal charm is harmoniously entwined with natural beauty. Check-in at your hotel and spend the afternoon at your own pace. The evening unveils an option to immerse yourself in Panna National Park through an exhilarating jeep safari—a unique, offbeat experience that promises adventure and discovery.

05DAY 5: Discovering the Timeless Beauty of OrchhaJourney northwest along the tranquil banks of the Betwa River, arriving in Orchha, a town that resonates with history and architectural splendour. Engage in a heritage walk, enveloped in the town's charm, or delve into the intricacies of local handicrafts. Orchha offers a holistic experience that spans centuries.

06DAY 6: Culmination in Gwalior's GrandeurAs you transition to Gwalior, an ancient city reborn as an economic nucleus, immerse yourself in its historic grandeur. Marvel at its architectural marvels and bask in its significance. If your journey aligns with December, delight in the melodious strains of the Tansen Music Festival—a tribute to a gem of the past. This enchanting event becomes a fitting crescendo to your riverside odyssey, celebrating India's rich heritage and cultural lineage.

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