Itinerary Overview

“There is always an adventure waiting in the woods”
– Katelyn S. Bolds

The Jungle Book Itinerary takes you through a few of India’s forests giving nature enthusiasts a perfect experience of the unique flora and fauna along with the rich history accompanying it. It is a perfectly curated adventure fit for everyone!

Skeleton Itinerary:

01DAY 1: Arrival in MumbaiUpon your arrival in Mumbai, our gracious representative will extend a warm welcome and provide you with seamless assistance at the airport. Subsequently, you shall be escorted to your esteemed accommodations.

02DAY 2: Exploration of MumbaiDelve into the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai's urban essence as you embark on a day of exploration throughout the city. Subsequent to these captivating adventures, an overnight sojourn at the hotel awaits you.

03DAY 3: Enchanting Journey to SatpuraCommence your day with a delectable breakfast at the hotel, followed by a graceful transfer to Mumbai Airport for your flight to Bhopal. Upon arriving in Bhopal, an intriguing expedition to Satpura will be launched. En route, a visit to the renowned Bhimbetka Caves, an archaeological treasure dating back 10,000 years, will enrich your journey. This 3.5-hour drive through the heart of Madhya Pradesh shall offer a captivating glimpse into the ancient rock shelters.

04DAY 4: Cultural Immersion and Wilderness ExplorationEmbark on a morning of rejuvenation, commencing with a sumptuous breakfast at your elegant hotel. This day promises a curated anthropological voyage to nearby villages, where you shall witness the profound rhythms of local life. Additionally, you may indulge in invigorating 4x4 safari drives, delving into the heart of the reserve's wildlife. Nature enthusiasts shall find solace in walking amidst the wilderness and even indulging in the unique experience of canoeing.

05DAY 5: Transition to PenchFollowing a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, your journey continues to Pench. Nestled in the southern realms of the Satpura Hills, Pench National Park beckons. Named after the meandering Pench River, this park spans a vast expanse of 758 square kilometres. Upon your arrival, a seamless check-in shall ensue, leading to a pleasant repast, while the forthcoming day shall be meticulously planned. Subsequent to a day of relaxation and introspection at the property, an exquisite dinner and tranquil overnight stay await.

06DAY 6: Mowgli's Legacy and Delightful PursuitsAs dawn breaks, savour a hearty breakfast at the hotel. The day unfolds with an array of delightful activities, while lunch shall be graciously served amidst the hotel's refined ambiance. An evening documentary showcase honouring the iconic character Mowgli, central to Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book," awaits your presence, evoking the timeless connections between Pench and this literary classic.

07DAY 7: Expedition to TadobaEmbark on an early morning journey, a five-hour drive from Pench to the pristine realm of Tadoba. The ensuing check-in at the hotel shall mark the beginning of your immersion into the exquisite Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Encompassing the Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary, this sprawling sanctuary spans over 1727 square kilometres. An evening village safari offers an intimate glimpse into the local communities, accompanied by engaging experiences such as tea sessions and cooking interactions.

08DAY 8: Safari Adventures in TadobaAwaken to a morning of promise and adventure, as both the dawn and dusk unveil captivating jungle game drives within the embrace of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. The pristine mornings and enchanting afternoons offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of flora and fauna that grace this sanctuary. Each moment of this captivating experience is punctuated by exquisite meals, creating a harmonious symphony of nature and indulgence.

09DAY 9: Journey to Kanha's WildernessDepart Tadoba in the tranquil embrace of the early morning hours, embarking on a journey that shall bring you to the iconic Kanha National Park. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Maikal range in Madhya Pradesh, this acclaimed wildlife sanctuary beckons with its awe-inspiring vistas. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty and bask in the symphony of nature, all while savoring delectable meals.

10DAY 10: Kanha's Tranquil CharmsSunrise heralds another day of captivating wilderness exploration, accompanied by the soft rumbles of canter engines. Both morning and afternoon unveil Jungle Game Drives, as you traverse the realms of Kanha's captivating landscapes. An enchanting evening folk dance show encapsulates the cultural richness of the region, painting vibrant hues upon your journey.

11DAY 11: Voyage to BandhavgarhEmbrace the day with a promise of adventure, commencing with an invigorating morning jungle game drive, followed by an equally enchanting afternoon excursion. Amidst this immersive experience, you shall be nourished by the culinary delights the hotel has to offer.

12DAY 12: Echoes of Nature in BandhavgarhDaylight illuminates the mesmerizing wilderness as you embark on yet another day of exploration, driven by the rhythm of the jungle. Morning and afternoon jungle game drives await, punctuated by luxurious meals that harmoniously blend with the natural splendor of Bandhavgarh.

13DAY 13: En Route to Khajuraho's EleganceEmbarking on a road journey, your path leads you to Khajuraho. A visit to the Mall Haveli enhances your journey before you find respite at the hotel. An evening sound and light show at the Khajuraho temples promises a sensory delight, followed by a lavish dinner and serene overnight stay.

14DAY 14: The Historic Tapestry of OrchhaBreakfast heralds a day of scenic wonder as you embark on a picturesque drive to Orchha. This town, steeped in history, unfolds before you, revealing its timeless grandeur preserved in stone. The palaces and temples, eloquent relics of its past, stand as testament to the delicate touch of time. Thereafter, your journey carries you to Jhansi, where you shall be welcomed at the hotel with utmost grace, culminating in a restful evening and night.

15DAY 15: Homeward Bound from DelhiCommence your day with a leisurely breakfast, followed by a serene drive to Delhi, where your international departure awaits, brimming with memories of a journey that embraced the essence of India's captivating wilderness and cultural treasures.

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