A perfect balance between red’s fiery energy and yellow’s warm happiness. Exuberant, orange instils a sense of enthusiasm and a powerful zest for life. It’s creativity stimulates out of the box thinking, and a fascination with all things unusual and curious. Determined and focussed, it defines our success and our philosophy in life.

Explore the tranquil beauty of South India’s backwater canals, while staying on a fully kitted-out houseboat! Cruise past coconut plantations and authentic fishing communities. Colourful villages, tropical flora and fauna, and a whole host of activity make it simply mesmerising. An iridescent flash of colour as a Kingfisher darts into the water for fish. The haunting cry of a Cormorant. The pungent scent of pepper drying in the sun. Serene and soothing, it is a once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed.

It’s all about the journey, not just the destination. What better way to enjoy an intrepid trip across the Indian Subcontinent, than on the Great Indian Railway? Take a stunning train ride onboard a luxurious train, fit for a Maharaja. From the Deccan Plateau to the Thar Desert, the Konkan Coast to the hill slopes of Darjeeling, explore the subcontinent in all it’s splendour from the comfort of your carriage. Beautifully appointed accommodations, excellent service and delectable cuisine make this the ideal way to explore the jewels of India.

India is a feast for all your senses – but most definitely for your taste buds! Enjoy delicious regional cuisine, which changes dramatically with the shifting landscape. From delicious seafood along the Malabar coast to the piquant flavours of Chettinad, the creamy consistency of a mustard fish curry, fragrant and flavourful biryani, to a succulent tandoori chicken. But that’s not all! Explore the bustle of fresh markets, discover the secrets of various spices, and the science of eating according to Ayurveda. This isn’t just food for your stomach. It’s food for the soul.

Soft sand, the sound of the waves and gentle sunshine that warms you inside and out. What better way to kick back and relax than on a beautiful beach or a tropical isle? Whether it’s India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar or the Maldives, the possibilities stretch endlessly to the horizon. For those who like a touch of water-sport, the coral reefs of Sri Lanka and the Maldives are among the finest in the world. Dive, snorkel, go whale watching or simply enjoy a swim in the sea. Start the day with an early morning sun salutation as the sun rises, and a cocktail as you kick back and enjoy the sunset.

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime moment that deserves an extra special touch of finesse. Few parts of the world are better suited for romantic milestones like these than the Indian Subcontinent. Celebrate your love for one another in royal palaces, luxurious suites, gourmet cuisine and with the finest service. But it’s those extra special touches like the shower of rose petals that greet you as you enter, the romantic boat ride across a lake, or a candle lit dinner for two in a heritage fortress that make the experience so much more special.

For a child, the Indian Subcontinent is a Pandora’s Box of incredible, inspirational experiences that are simply breathtaking. A camel safari across the sand-dunes, competitive kite flying in Gujarat, a game drive into the jungle, or lighting a lamp for Diwali, every single moment is so much more meaningful from a child’s point of view. In our part of the world, children are warmly welcomed everywhere. Fill your child’s eyes with wonder and embark on a journey that will truly be the memory of a lifetime.

The Indian Subcontinent is one of the last wildlife frontiers on the planet! From tropical rainforests to arid desert, wetlands to salt marsh, mountains to coral reef, the array of biodiversity is awe inspiring. Our part of the world is home to several big cats including the last surviving Asiatic Lions, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Snow Leopard. It is also the natural habitat for the largest populations of Asiatic Elephant, Brown Bear and the One Horned Indian Rhino. If you’re a bird-lover, then you’ve found your paradise – especially during the winter migration when flocks of birds from as far as Eurasia and Siberia make their way to our sunny skies. Don’t miss the great whale migration in the Indian Ocean either as the whales move along the coasts of Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Amazing wildlife, exquisite safari lodges, and beautiful natural landscapes – the jungle is calling your name!

The Indian Subcontinent is a cradle of wellbeing. From ancient Indian holistic medicine such as Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha, to yoga, meditation and massage, there is a whole array of wellness that is rooted in our part of the world. Wellness in India spans a whole range of techniques, therapies and treatments right from nutrition to beauty, relaxation to rejuvenation. Combine yoga with customized nutrition, guided meditation and even chanting. Unwind with an expert massage using traditional techniques to realign your being – mind, body and soul. Experienced therapists, luxurious spas, and authentic treatments will leave you feeling completely renewed!

India is an adventure. But you can add in a mega boost with some adventure sport! Whether it’s off-roading, mountain biking, river rafting or hiking the opportunities are endless. Float over the Taj Mahal in a hot air balloon. Ride the rapids on the River Ganges. Hike into the Himalayas. Dive deep into a world of marine life in the Andamans. From rustic camping to bespoke glamping, trekking or even skiing, the vast terrain of the Indian Subcontinent offers some sort of excitement for everyone! Get your blood pumping and your heart racing with a touch of adventure!

Take a step back in time and history and enter a fairy tale world. Discover the lifestyle and the stories of India’s royalty. From the Maharajas to the Nizams, Maharanis to Begums, experience this rich and fascinating piece of living history! Luxuriate in an original palace, ride in the vintage cars belonging to the Maharajas’ personal collections, play billiards on the same table as the Nizam of Hyderabad, experience the spa treatments of the princesses of Gwalior, dine on secret royal recipes from the palace kitchens and enjoy the beauty of the royal gardens. A palace stay will take your breath away.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our part of the world. Every journey is utterly unique. From bespoke camping to camel safaris, tribal festivals to jungle safaris, the sheer range of experiences is vast and can be customized to suit your pace and style. A large part of the journey is about the people you encounter en route. From passionate heritage conservationists, to members of a royal family, Buddhist monks to handloom weavers, full of character and vivid stories that open up a new perspective on the Indian Subcontinent.

When traveling through India, the journey is never boring! Luxurious vehicles and excellent drivers make navigating the subcontinent’s roads a pleasure. However, it doesn’t hurt to heighten the experience with a touch of uniqueness. How about an airport transfer by vintage car? A romantic shikara ride across a lake? A hot air balloon ride over the Taj Mahal? A camel or bullock cart ride through the fields? Or better yet – be sustainable and bike or hike through the backroads of subcontinent with our expert guides. It’s not just about the destination – it’s as much about how you got there.

Those who frequently visit India know that it is a life-changing experience. The mind-set of the society is rapidly becoming modern which ultimately leads to a remarkable changes and growth in travel for LGBT community. We host and support all!

India, the land of diversity, doesn’t just have different cultures and traditions but also has a vast variety of landforms. There are forests, mountains, beaches, lakes, plains and much more. So while you travel each destination in India, it would be a great idea to try various adventure activity that is popular and can be best experienced in that particular place.